ZR Meter

ZR software is a professional software, which is dedicated to read, store, and analyze the data of electronic electricity meters that communicates in DLMS/COSEM, IEC62056-21 (formerly known as IEC 1107), IEC870-5-12 and/or Modbus standard. It can also read load profiles of Elster, EMH, Itron (formerly known as Actaris), Landis&Gyr, Iskra, Pozitron, Köhler, Makel etc. meters and lets to store in database and analyze in different formats such as graphs.

ZRobo is special designed version of ZR software to be able to use with Android devices. It can read the data of electronic electricity meters that communicates in IEC62056-21 (formerly known as IEC 1107) standard and save as text files. The software is especially designed to be used with REDZ optical probes.

The Android based ZRobo software supports Android 3.1 and higher (since it uses USB Host). It also uses Bluetooth connectivity to be used with REDZ Bluetooth optical probes.

The software comes in English and Turkish Language options. It is also possible to easily implement different language option to the system according to the user needs.

Source code is available based on mutual agreement on the project.

ZRobo, Meter
Software for
Android and
WIN CE Based

Based USB

Designed to control your industrial devices by sending/receiving serial commands.

ZTerminal lets you use USB to Serial Converters based on FTDI and Prolific chips independent from converter manufacturer to interface and control devices used in industry such as Modems, PLCs etc.

With ZTerminal and a suitable converter, you can send and receive serial commands such as AT commands to your devices and control them without need of additional PC. Industrial devices are under control!ZTerminal has manual and auto sending features and it supports sending and receiving data in ASCII and HEX formats.

ZR Automation is a software which you can integrate control phases during manufacturing process to the automation process and save time and human resources. ZR automation can monitor and control;

・Gas (CO2, CO, O2… )
・Relay states
・Motor states etc.

And it can send SMS messages to the previously defined target phone numbers based on previously defined alarm thresholds and SMS texts.

Software for
and Control

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