We offer

・Unlicensed band RF Modems
for industrial automation projects


・Serial Communication RS232/RS485
・Digital I/O
・Analog I/O
connection options.

All device series are professional narrow band data radio modems for safe industrial data transmission. Modbus protocol conversion and Modbus remote IO query is supported.

Point to point, Point to multipoint and I/O mirror applications are possible.

The operating condition of devices and it’s aerial system are transparent at a glance, as all operating parameters can easily be monitored from LED indicators.

Devices may have ETH port, RS232 port, RS485 port, Digital or Analog IO on it depending on choice and also the RF power output of the devices can be selected from a various options between 10mW to 100mW.

We also offer module based RF Lora devices.

Contact us or visit our RF Modem website for selecting the right product.

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